Конкурс за: Градска Библиотека в Хелзинки – 2012г.

The schematic building design incorporates the concept of “OPENNESS ” into the New Helsinki Central Library. The west façade is the most prominent and essential to the building design represented by an enormous glass curtain wall inclined at an angle. This glass surface enables the connection of the new library to the city and the surrounding buildings as well as symbolizing the openness of the building to the world today and its future.
The design project has a special place for nature and its significance into the interior. It is important to emphasize that the curtain wall brings visually the park and nature into the interior and connects it with the vegetation inside the glass. Very important is the spatial connection of all interior levels with the Grand Open Atrium Space formed between the glass surface and the free waving slabs of the floor levels. The floor slabs of every other level sets back in accordance to the inclination of the glass façade.The Grand atrium space gives to the visitors at all levels the equivalent view to the world outside and the scent of being under the open sky.
Light is essential for the project and has also a symbolic meaning of enlightening the knowledge and all human activities held in the library building. The huge curtain wall enables as much as possible natural light to enter to all levels.
The design of the building mass and all four facades respects and corresponds to the building significance and its position into the cityscape and its surroundings. The west façade represented by the inclined glass curtain wall is marked by a modern monolithic frame interpretation of the neoclassical architecture in respects with its position to the Parliament building.
The two monolithic triangular volumes are natural continuation of the solid frame and emphasize the significance of the Library in the cityscape and its surroundings, as well as defining the contours of the plaza in front of the main entrance. The main entrance is situated at the south part of the site and is crowned by a glass roof covering the big plaza in front of it. The glass frame marking the main gate makes it visible and recognizable from different locations.
The two volumes and the glass roof create a covered plaza for all people entering the library individually or in groups. The plaza is big enough and it’s oriented in a way to accommodate the entering of big groups of visitors at the same time in to the library lobby.
The main lobby is natural continuation of the plaza inside the building and enables a lot of different activities as they are described in the building program. The design of the main lobby space and the proper situation of the public escalators, elevators and staircases make the orientation of the visitors easier into the interior of the building and the present activities.

The ground floor level contains:
-lobby functions
-the cinema, the restaurant, the café area
-public toilets
-public services
-reception and information point, several flexible pup-up info spots, book bar and
-self-return automats, return automat room
-delivery of library material
-refuse store
-staff entrance with staff “bike parking area”

The level -4.00:
learning and doing activities:
-music, video, radio and TV recording spaces
-digital-physical workshop “fab-lab”
-teaching, group work
-listening, viewing and games

The level -8.00:
-multipurpose hall
-public sauna
-living lab
-rentable exhibition space
-Library exhibition space

The level +4.00:
-Children’s world
The level +8.00:
-library collection area
-interactive spaces
-quiet areas
-Library storage, book and material handling
-Fixed client – service point
-Lounge areas

The level +11.50:
-personal office AREAS ( FOR CLIENTS)

The level +15.00:
-library collection area
-interactive spaces
-quiet areas
-Fixed client – service point

The level +18.50/ +22.00:
-TECHNICAL LEVEL ff personel storage