There are three major components to the project:
1. The terminal
2. The park
3. Parking spaces and vehicle circulation

The terminal
The terminal is composed of two basic buildings:
- A prolonged, waterfront building comprising all service facilities necessary for the immediate arrival and departure of passengers.
The internal organization of spaces gives the possibility of further sequence extension depending on future demands of the port authorities.
- The main building has a characteristic silhouette, inspired by the traditional roofs in the architecture of Taiwan.
This edifice will be seen in the sea landscape from a long distance and will dominate in the whole territory of the Port of Kinmen.
With its simple it will look like a curved white line floating in the sky, welcoming and dispatching the visitors of Kinmen.
This building is a home gateway for the residence of Kinmen and an open door to Kinmen for the foreign passengers.
The roof steel construction is calculated for the specific atmospheric conditions in the region (wind force: 250kg/m2). It is laid out to be installed most of the technical equipment of the building in it MEP equipment – air condition system, valve systems, electro systems, water tanks for rain water etc. It has a tough potential for office and public activities and a disposal of different service facilities etc.

The internal organization of the Terminal is subordinated to a clear division of passenger flow:
- Level 0.00 – arriving passengers
- Level 8.50 – departing passengers
Departing passengers enter into the Terminal at the level 8.50, check in their luggage and enter the prolonged waterfront building.
Arriving passengers leave the Terminal at ground level 0.00
It is planned a partially interstitial level 4.25 destined for administration service facilities for the two principal levels, also partial services for the domestic destination travelers.
The roof sky level 15.00 is entirely laid out for public commodities – refreshment services, dining, retail etc. This level is accessible to the passengers as well as to the visitors of the future park on the waterfront.

The park
A big loading green platform with a slight slop of 5% leads the visitors of the park on the green roof level on the Terminal.
Underneath the loading platform is planned the expansion of the parking spaces for passengers (level 0.00) for a second phase of the Port. The continuation of the waterfront park on the roof green level of the Terminal is possible after the implementation of the extension of the Port. In this way will be minimized the negative impacts of the building on Nature.

Parking spaces and vehicle circulation
An adherence to specifications is done with the clear division of the passengers flow (an exception is the public bus transport)
- Level 0.00 – pick up: arrivals
- Level 8.50 – drop off: departures
Parking spaces are laid out according to the same division, but an interstitial level 4.25 is planned as a parking place for the administration. In this way the underground parking places are avoided, they would be very expensive because (due to) the immediate proximity of the sea. For all parking spaces and vehicle circulation on level 4.25 and 8.50 is planned the closure of elevation by horizontal elements. They give the possibility for a natural ventilation in these spaces and also guarantee (vouch for) for security.
The principle of one-way roads is respected (observed, kept) which has to do with vehicle circulation and one-way circulation inside all parking lots.